• We have recently expanded and refurbished resulting in the whole of the ground floor being transformed for our babies.  We have excellent dedicated staff working with the babies, who have suitable training and experienced in caring for such young children. The Early Years Foundation Stage has been implemented and is followed daily through regular observations and planned activities ensuring we promote the three prime areas as a baseline for babies to be prepared when transitioning up to the 2′s.
  • We now have 5 base rooms, in which we have:
  • A Messy Room: Children are able to access sand and water play and explore malleable experiences which are available to all babies from 12months- 2 years.
  • Role-Play Area: We have a variety of toys set up for all children including kitchen, dolls house, fire station, construction site etc.
  • Food Area: The babies have their very own food room in which we promote social skills and also language development allowing them to learn simple words such as ‘thank you’. We provide low level tables, high chairs allowing the babies to enjoy lots of delicious snacks and meals.


  • Soft-play/Sleep Room: Babies are all very unique therefore we ensure we follow their daily routines allowing us to put them to sleep in a quiet relaxed enviornment.

We have a lovely spacious outdoor area which has also recently been refurbished, we have had artificial grass and a safety surface fitted along with lots of new toys allowing our children to enjoy the outdoors in all weathers all year round. We see the outdoors as being equal to the indoors therefore we ensure we provide simiar continuous areas of provision allowing children to have lots of learning experiences such as imaginery area, sand and water play, climbing frame, ride on toys, book area, snack area and also lots of sensory experiences.

  • Outdoors are accessed on a daily basis either using the outdoor play area or taking a walk around the local environment.
  • We take pride in working directly and building close relationships with parents, providing continuity with home and following individual routines ensures babies settling in time is an enjoyable experience.