Toddlers (2-3 Years)

  • The 2-3 age group are based on the first floor of the building which has been recently refurbished (February 2015) consisting of 3 separate base rooms.
  • The 2-3 year age group are offered a more structured play with a happy balance of self chosen and adult-led activities.
  • We have a Messy Room in which all childrne access sand and water play, painting, playdough, baking and a snack area. The children are able to access snack and drinks throughout the day.
  • We also have an Imaginary Room which consists of a home-corner area, construction site, Book area/cosy area and an area which is regularly changed depending on childrens likes and dislikes e.g. fire station, police, park, farm, zoo etc.
  • Our ICT/Numeracy Room has lots of mathematical resources. We also have 2 computers and an interactive whiteboard which allows children to benefit from using ICT and also access early educational games online.
  • From 2 years onwards many children are ready to toilet train. We work closely with parents to allow children to feel happy and confident during this time.