Out Of School Club

    • An out of school club is available daily before/after and throughout school holidays.
    • Our breakfast club opens at 7.30am with a variety of breakfasts available such as a choice of cereals, pancakes, crumpets, toast, etc.
    • Our minibus transports children to school who attend Holy Trinity. A member of staff escorts children by foot to St.Paul’s School, which is across the road from SmartyPants. Similar arrangements are made at the end of the school day to return children to SmartyPants. At this time, a snack or afternoon tea is available. (Please see our menus for examples.)
    • The out of school club closes at 5.45pm. During this time children enjoy many activities. Some take place¬† in our ‘messy room’ where we have sand, water, panting easels, drawing areas, smartboards, collage and much more.
    • There is also a games room which consists of board games, table top computers, play stations and a computer with internet access.
    • We also offer a book area, construction area, role-play and mark making area.
    • During school holidays all the above are again available and we also make available karoke , computers and nintendo wii.
    • ¬†During the holidays we have access to the sports hall, local school playing fields, where fields games such as football, rounders, parachute and sports days take place.