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Enhancing the development of your children

SmartyPants aims to form a partnership with parents to support and enhance the development of the children. Our prime importance is the understanding of your child. Nobody knows your child better than you do. We know from years of experience that by having a two way sharing information policy with parents that children thrive further. We ensure parents feel confident to approach staff to discuss any concerns from the minute they walk through the nursery doors.

Parents are kept up-to-date in all areas concerning their child by regular newsletters, weekly learning experiences, information on notice boards and home links. we strongly believe in  forming secure relationships between key workers and parents.

Babies and 2 year olds have a daily book to take home which informs parents of all times of nappy changes, sleeps and activities which their child has taken part in throughout the day.

We discuss and share your child’s experiences, achievements and progress daily and welcome all parents to come into nursery and offer a helping hand.

When a child is ready to transition from one area to the next their keyworker will assist them on each settling in visit until the child feels confidently secure to make that move.

All traditions, cultures and religious beliefs are valued and respected by all staff, and this is seen through our long-term planning.


Parent’s evenings are held at regular intervals to allow parents/guardians to be kept up to date on their child’s progress. We have an ‘open door policy’ which allows parents to come into the setting whenever they wish. Parents/guardians, Grandparents and any other family members are encouraged to come into nursery to participate in activities with the children such as baking, planting and growing, dancing etc.

We have a WOW wall which parents can contribute to to celebrate their child’s achievements. In the 0-2 year old areas, children have daily sheets and books to take home where staff write what the children have been doing during the day. Parents can write in their child’s ‘take home book’ to let staff know what the child has been doing at weekend, any achievements they have made or anything else.

Questionnaires are handed to parents on a regular basis giving them the opportunity to anonymously make comments/compliments regarding the setting and asking for any improvements which they feel we could make.

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“Partnerships with parents are superb”.

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